Russell Wilson Silences Critics and Creates Collectors With Impressive Rookie Season

Over the last three games the Seattle Seahawks have averaged over 45 points per game. At the center of this ridiculous domination is quarterback Russell Wilson, a player I didnt even expect to start, let alone have one of the best seasons of any rookie. The guy is lighting it up like I have never see a late round pick like him light it up, and that is saying something with Luck and Griffin also in the mix for ROY.

Wilson has some crazy cards up for auction, but not at the level of the two bigger QBs. Still worth taking a look:

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As of now, there is a possibility of three rookie QBs playing in the playoffs. Honestly, I didnt even think one would make it, and here we are looking at the top teams in the league being helmed by first year QBs. Russell Wilson should be the biggest surprise of any of them, and after seeing him play these last few weeks, he might be the answer Seattle has been looking for. There is a rookie like this every single year, and for the first time in a while, its a guy worth buying into.

The issue with the NFL is that a player can catch people by surprise and kill it for a season, but with post season adjustments, can come out flat in the latter years after. Wilson could easily fall into this rut, even more so than RGIII, mainly because Griffin has so much astonishing raw talent. Wilson is significantly shorter and slower, but seems to have some great football intelligence.

With the recent release of Black, Strata and company, collectors STILL havent caught on, which is a bit puzzling. He is a QB, he is on a playoff team, and he should end up in the top two for ROY. Why arent people buying in? Truth in, without hype coming in from college and the draft, collectors often have a wait and see approach, no matter the situation.

If you want a guy to take a shot on, Wilson looks like he could be someone worth taking a look at.

One thought on “Russell Wilson Silences Critics and Creates Collectors With Impressive Rookie Season

  1. Saw Wilson in preseason against Denver. He was impressive then, and he’s even more impressive now. Would love to add him to my autograph collection! Seahawks could be a beast this post season!

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