SCU Breaks – 2 Box Group Break of 2011 Topps Supreme!

Thanks to all who participated!

Scans will be uploaded shortly.

Hope there is a Jamie Harper fan who ended up with the Titans!

Random for the 8 piece jersey book winner was Aaron L.

Cards will be shipped tomorrow to the big winners!

8 thoughts on “SCU Breaks – 2 Box Group Break of 2011 Topps Supreme!

  1. and suddenly I realized I didn’t love her anymore…………

    What the hell !!!! The Jamie Harper show in full force.

  2. Aaron L, go buy a lottery ticket.

    Thanks for running the break Gellman. Or at least I think that is your name. I hardly recognize you! You must have lost at least a Darren Sproles by now!

    Please run more of these. I miss them dearly. Five star?

  3. haha, thanks!

    I will definitely do a few boxes of Five Star in February, and possibly Precision coming up.

  4. I know, its bad how many we pulled. With Johnson having issues, he might actually be used more. But still, THAT many? How come its always the crappy players with collation issues.

  5. Well thanks very much for running the break. Always fun. I am in for Precision and Five Star if your thinking of doing a couple more. I have budgeted about 100.00 for each product, and then I am done for the season. Also, you have a nice kitchen.

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