SCU BREAKS: 2010 Panini Classics Football Presented By Blowout Cards

Classics may have been a disappointment so far, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to take advantage of it. I want to offer a group break of 2 boxes of Classics that you all can get into for less than the cost of three packs.

Here is the way this is going to go down. $13.50 buys you one slot of two random teams in the break. For those two teams, which will be assigned via, you will receive all cards from the two boxes. If you get the Broncos and the Eagles, you will get every card for the Broncos or Eagles that we pull, even if it’s a 1/1 Tim Tebow autograph. If nothing comes from those two teams, thems the breaks. There are four hits per box with two autos on average, so you will have a pretty good chance of getting something. Dual, triple, and quad cards will be randomly assigned to the teams involved.

EDIT: I typed the wrong amount out in the post originally, if you have already paid, I will refund your 1.00 extra.

As the host, I will NOT be participating, but I will be videotaping both the random team assignment and the break itself for those who participate. It will be viewable on this site as soon as it is up on Youtube. The break will happen next Tuesday, 8/3/2010 and if it is not filled, we will have to figure something out. Usually cheap breaks fill quickly so do not hesitate.

Here is what you need to do to sign up. Send your payment to via paypal, your spot will not be confirmed until payment is received. YOU MUST LIVE IN THE USA TO PARTICIPATE. There is no maximum on the number of slots you can purchase. Pricing breakdown includes cost of the boxes, shipping supplies, card supplies and postage to ship.

Thanks and good luck!


1. John S. (PAID)
2. Ryan T. (PAID)
3. Frank L. (PAID)
4. Chris C(PAID)
5. Chris C(PAID)
6. Lucy D (PAID)
7. Lucy D (PAID)
8. Andrew A (PAID)
9. Andrew A (PAID)
10. James R (PAID)
11. James R (PAID)
12. Rafael G (PAID)
13. Rafael G (PAID)
14. Wheeler (PAID)
15. Wheeler (PAID)
16. Jeremy K (PAID)

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