SCU Breaks – 3 Boxes of 2012 Topps Prime Football!

Its not often that I get lucky on the boxes I break, but today was one of those days. Over the last few years, I have yet to really pull an auto of a top rookie, as I did not pull one single Cam Newton last year, and just one Christian Ponder, and one Andy Dalton. I did have some major luck with some other players, but it really takes a cold day in hell for my luck to change.

I purchased three boxes of Topps Prime Football last week after I saw that Topps had not instituted the SP list for the top rookies, and boy am I glad I did. Not only did I pull some awesome autographs, but I also pulled a ton of top relic cards as well. The break was some of the most fun I have had all year, and I might go back for more soon.

With how great RGIII has been playing as of late, I cant complain with pulling so many of his cards. I managed to come away with a bronze auto /99, a triple jersey /194 and a quad with him, Luck, Blackmon and Richardson out of 500. The autograph is a parallel version and has been selling really well so far, not to mention a sweet looking card. The base cards are some of my favorite autographs this year, and I am going to hang onto this RGIII just so I have at least one. Its also crazy to see how much his jersey cards are selling for, as its obvious that I am not going to be adding this to my PC. To pile on, I also pulled a base numbered to /250, but that is like icing on the cake at this point.

I also oddly pulled two jersey numbered cards, one a quad parallel auto bronze parallel of Devier Posey numbered 11/50, and a Michael Floyd quad relic numbered 15/146. I couldnt care less that these cards are numbered to their jersey numbers, but others sure do think its important. Maybe it will turn into some extra dough.

The last card worth mentioning is a Russell Wilson quad relic auto /250, which would have been much better had I pulled it three weeks ago. Regardless, its still a pretty cool card, and I will be hanging onto it until he has a game worth selling it after. People like Wilson a lot, so this could have ended up a lot worse. For a guy playing like he is, there is some nice money to get out of this one.

Other relics: Stephen Hill / Rueben Randle Dual /405, Brock Osweiler dual /235, Justin Blackmon single /200

Other Autos: TJ Graham Quad Relic Auto /780, Coby Fleener base auto, Travis Benjamin base auto

Here are the pics:

UPDATE: I will be offering a few cards from the break from people who follow and retweet this tweet on Twitter – get on it!

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