SCU First Take – 2014 Rookies and Stars Football Preview

If there is one thing that Panini is known for, it is their complete inability to create and sustain mid year products. Especially ones that dont look anything special from other sets that are already on the calendar. Bottom line, its quite difficult to differentiate one of their mid year releases from the rest, and Rookies and Stars is NOTORIOUS for being one of the most bland and forgettable products of the year.

It has been around forever, which is the only thing it has going for it:

2011 Rookies and Stars Tom Brady Auto Patch

2003 Rookies and Stars Andre Johnson Rookie Relic Auto

2012 Rookies and Stars Nick Foles Jumbo Patch Auto

2013 Rookies and Stars Mike Glennon Rookie Auto Logo Patch

It is also the set that brought these horrendous abortions to the hobby:

2007 Rookies and Stars Calvin Johnson Manupatch Auto

2011 Rookies and Stars Julio Jones Manupatch Auto

I have to frame my commentary so much differently now because of rumors of the NFL exclusive, and if this is what we have to look forward to, product after product after product for the foreseeable future, then god help us all. Does Rookies and Stars look better than 2013? Yes, it does. Am I happy that there are no fucking lame ass manu-patch autos that have plagued this hobby for 8 years? So far, yes. Does this show anything worthy of being the only game in town? Hell no.

Rookies and Stars is not only unfortunately boring in its name, but it is unfortunately boring in its configuration. Another product with four hits for just under 100 bucks, and not much flair or fanfare to say – “yes, Mr. Collector, buy me.” You guys had better get used to reading this refrain, as it is likely more products will be necessary to support the cost of a license. I dont think there are many more synonyms for perfect that Panini can name a set, nor do I think there are enough holidays/conventions to have the giveaways necessary to clear the shelves of this mediocre shit.

Granted, I am still reeling to the point of anger over recent news, so I would like to say that things will likely calm down in my fury. But for now, this is going to be a full time thing.

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