SCU Go-Live Report: 2014 Allen & Ginter Still Captures the Imagination

There arent many sets today that are still worth the time it takes to put together. Allen and Ginter is still one of those epic undertakings that the few remaining set collectors still feel is worth the challenge, even though it has become quite the spectacle over the last few years. I have always said Ginter is a set collector’s paradise with the heart of a high end product, and this year’s product is no different. Although it doesnt have the same star power in the non-sports autos, it definitely has its moments.

2014 Allen & Ginter Bo Jackson / Ken Griffey Jr Dual Relic Auto Book

2014 Allen & Ginter Mark McGwire Box Loader On Card Auto /15

2014 Allen & Ginter Snoop Dogg Auto

2014 Allen & Ginter Yasiel Puig Rip Card /50

2014 Allen & Ginter Roberto Clemente Metal Mini 1/1

2014 Allen & Ginter Sandy Koufax / Jackie Robinson Dual Rip Card /5

2014 Allen & Ginter Jose Abreu Auto RC

Its almost ironic that one of the biggest baseball products of the year isnt about baseball completely, with the non-sport element being as much a draw as anything for everyone who buys in. However, the on card autographs and always beautiful cards never disappoint, and that draws in a secondary crowd that is rare in MLB.

Adding in content from a pretty solid MLB autograph checklist is only part of the draw, as the parallels and plethora of subsets can rake in dollars like no other. Rip cards, wood cards, metal cards, anything and everything make Ginter special, even when you consider that the type of card can create more value than the player on the front. Rip cards are fascinating to me, as so many people buy them and leave them in tact. Even though the cards hidden inside can be extremely cost heavy, the sealed card is just as much of a draw.

I dont collect much baseball, but I always get pulled into Ginter one way or another. Even after close to 10 years of this set, its still fresh in a lot of ways, as showcased by the number of people who chase it each year. That’s a big deal when you factor in how much of it really doesnt change.

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  1. How can you not mention Anthony Bourdain of the Travel Channel and CNN fame? Also, Dr. James Andrews is interesting because this man’s autograph is the same hand that’s cut into multi-million dollar athletes.

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