SCU Go-Live Report: 2014 Leaf Q

There are people out there who wont buy cards that dont have logos on them. I am not one of those people, AS LONG as the cards look good. That’s really all that matters to me, as design is my prime driver of value in terms of what I like. Leaf released its first home grown SUPER high end product this week in "Q", which is venturing into some foreign territory for a set of this nature. Regardless of risk, most of these cards are some damn fine examples of the way to do unlicensed cards.

Check out some of these cards:

2014 Leaf Q Joe Montana Jumbo Patch Auto

2014 Leaf Q David Robinson Jumbo Logo Patch Auto

2014 Leaf Q Frank Thomas Jumbo Bat Piece Auto

2014 Leaf Q Pele Pure Glass Auto Plexiglass

2014 Leaf Q Hulk Hogan Auto

The strongest point of Q other than the design is the diversity of the checklist, as they have all sports, plus a few other celebrities that fit within the constructs of the brand. Although all the pictures are retouched, this feels more like an Exquisite level product than anything.

It does have some very awkward moments, dont get me wrong, as some of the cards needed printing plate adjustments and never got them. These cards are relatively few and far between, as it is clear that that the overall set is really fucking impressive.

I am not a huge fan of the cross brand pollination of the Glass cards, as these are usually reserved for the Trinity products that Leaf has done so well. However, the cards are cool enough that I guess I will have to make an exception here. The Al Bundy card is worth the price of admission all on its own.

Even the shoe cards improve on the horrendous showing that Upper Deck had with Exquisite basketball, as they are actually game used and hard signed to boot. They look great, and makes the “Foot Locker Bought” examples from UD look foolish.

Here is the main point of this set, that everyone should consider. The price tag IS gargantuan, but I think its relatively the equivalent to buying a few boxes in other ways. Its a lot of cards, and its clear that unlike many high end products these days, its meant for everyone instead of just group breakers who can sell spots.

I gotta give Brian Gray the pat on the back he deserves, as Leaf Q is definitely a testament to what someone can do when they really fight hard for nice content.

2 thoughts on “SCU Go-Live Report: 2014 Leaf Q

  1. I’m firmly convinced that if Leaf had an NFL license they would dominate the hobby. Q is an amazing set but, unfortunately, I think the lack of licensing is too much to overcome for a high end set. As great as the checklist is, I can’t see myself displaying a card with all the logos airbrushed out as a centerpiece of my collection.

    I agree that Leaf did a great job with this set. Since ’15 is their last year with an NFL license, Topps should outsource the design & production of 1 set to Leaf just to see what Brian could do with a licensed set. Why would Topps do that? Because I’m pretty sure it’d sell like crazy.

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