SCU Go-Live Report: 2014 National Convention Wrapper Redemptions

I posted yesterday on the pending release of the thousands of wrapper redemption cards that are flooding the market right now, and we are just starting to get a good look at what each company is doing.

Panini Booth

Basically, anything outside of the main new content they built for this program is complete junk. Manupatches and other stuff not worth your time. However, they did make some nice looking base and base autos. In fact, Im kind of pissed they wasted such a good design a on free giveaway program.

2014 Panini National Convention Johnny Manziel Auto Patch Ice /5 – Ugly. UGGGGLY.

2014 Panini National Convention Sammy Watkins Auto – These are pretty cool.

2014 Panini National Convention Teddy Bridgewater Glove Patch Ice /5

Topps Booth

I love the Ginter minis to begin with, and to add football players to the mix is awesome. There was a HUGE line at the booth from what people were saying on Twitter, so it might just be worth your time to buy the singles on eBay you want.

2014 Topps National Convention Johnny Manziel Ginter Mini

2014 Topps National Convention Jose Abreu Ginter Mini

Upper Deck Booth

Lots of nice autos and from what I am hearing, a lot more to come. The packs are pretty popular because they have potential Jordans, Lebrons and Manziel, where Panini doesnt have those. Not bad.

2014 UD National Convention LeBron James Welcome Home Commemorative Card

2014 UD National Convention LeBron James Auto /10

2014 UD National Convention Teddy Bridgewater Auto /10

As we head towards the VIP parties that will be happening in the next few days, Im sure we will get more cards to see too. Keep checking back for more coverage.

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