SCU Go-Live Report: 2014 Rookies and Stars Back for ANOTHER Tired Year

Rookies and Stars is live, and after seeing the cards that are up, im a bit shocked this set still exists. Not only is it literally one of the most snooze-worthy and forgettable products of the year, but it has been shown to be a poor seller year after year after year. The scariest part? These are the type of products that Panini will be forced to build come 2016, and that is beyond concerning.

Here are some of the bigger hits already up:

2014 Rookies and Stars Johnny Manziel Auto Jumbo Patch 1/1

2014 Rookies and Stars Sammy Watkins Auto RC

2014 Rookies and Stars Doug Martin Vet Auto Patch /5

2014 Rookies and Stars Le'Veon Bell Vet Auto Patch /5

2014 Rookies and Stars Johnny Manziel Crusade RC Refractor

I also find it hilarious that even after YEARS of poor product performance that Panini continues to bring this boring shit show back for more licks. Funny that the best news of the entire product release is that the stupid manupatch autos are gone (at least I think they are), and really havent been replaced. Not a good showing, if that’s the best thing about your new release.

Additionally, Im pretty convinced that Panini owns the last of the worlds unused slides, and I am shocked that they are still trotting out these lame slideshow cards even though acetate technology has come as far as it has. That type of stock DOES accomplish the same thing, right? I know every collector loves having to hold their card up to a light to appreciate it.

The continued use of the shots that feature players awkwardly posing for collectors baffles me, especially when you name the set “DRESS 4 SUCCESS” with the number 4 instead of the word “for.” I cant make this shit up. You have unamused players who are being forced into a room at the rookie premiere to take these pictures, when they just want to get out of their uniforms and into the locker room in the 100 degree weather in LA. Thats what these pictures are showcasing, and I cant stand it.


Panini shows product after product that they are incapable of cultivating value in their releases, and it fucking blows my mind that collectors continue to support their charge to obtain exclusives in all four sports. There is a reason why this product will be at half price in 2 months, and it has everything to do with the way Panini produces cards.

One thought on “SCU Go-Live Report: 2014 Rookies and Stars Back for ANOTHER Tired Year

  1. It’s products like this that remind me of what lies ahead in 2016… and keep me up at night… *sigh*.

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