SCU Scam School is LIVE!

Ever since SCU was started back in 2008, I have always tried to work against the douchebags that populate this hobby with greater frequency than ever. Recently, with this site getting more visibility, many readers have asked me for a database and any info that can be readily accessed when buying cards.

I am proud to announce that I have launched part one of this venture, a simple guide to avoiding fake patches and fake autos on eBay at the link on the toolbar above. In the future, it will be a spot where ongoing scams are posted with links to specific things to watch out for.

Hopefully this will mark the beginning of a new chapter in the impact that blogs and internet users can have in the prevention of sports card scams.

3 thoughts on “SCU Scam School is LIVE!

  1. I like your name “Keeping you posted on the latest Fakes, Frauds and Douchebaggery” classic!

    I can advertising your blog as well I like how you are adding an informative chapter to explain to everyone about how to spot fraud, and fakes thanks gellman

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