Seriously? I Mean, Seriously?

If you arent familiar with people like Kevin Burge, you have to learn yourself good as quickly as possible. Not only is the guy in the hall of fame when it comes to fake patches, but the building is named after him. Although he has expanded his trade to the point where other people may just be doing the dirty work under his named umbrella, its still his name on the outside of the building, if you know what I mean.

Recently, he has tried something that I have never seen before, and it required intimate knowledge of the past history of the rookie premiere. Basically, mainly, he produced a fake card that shows he had been listening to people who collect Larry Fitzgerald cards and know what to look for in the SPA fake patches. He took a style of jersey that many Fitzgerald supercollectors knew was used at the 2004 NFL Rookie Premiere by Upper Deck and exploited it for his benefit. See, at the premiere, companies frequently use other jerseys from connected players, but not many outside people know that who are not on the internet. Supercollectors learn which jerseys are used and dont let that deter their collecting habits. UD used a Cris Carter pro bowl during the proceedings because of Fitzgerald’s time with the future hall of fame receiver during high school. Burge also knew that Fitzgerald’s Minnesota Heritage would help out, and that many of the clueless people who dont know any better would just love the “OMG SICKZ MOJOZ” patch without being aware that fakes exist in the first place.

Here is the result.

Laugh it up fuzzball, because you know that this is exactly what I have been talking about for years. Upper Deck has confirmed this card fake on its facebook page, despite what the auction may claim as to its authenticity. Basically, if you even THOUGHT of bidding on this card, its time you started to adjust your practices of how you determine you what cards to bid on.

Here are some others from this account, which was previously everyone’s favorite “shoeless_joejackson”:

Percy Harvin SPA Fake Viking Head

Matt Leinart SPA Fake Cardinal Eye Logo

Mark Brunell Fake Logo Patch

Stay away, stay far away. Sorry I couldnt get this up before the auction ended.

6 thoughts on “Seriously? I Mean, Seriously?

  1. I love that he puts grading company logos in the auction but doesn’t claim that it was graded or authenticated by any of them. This guys is a class A jerk. People have to stop bidding on Vikings heads so often though.

  2. Great stuff. Can’t the FBI step in on stuff like this? I mean these are serious dollars we are talking about. Using the mail/internet to commit fraud? I would think someone could blow the whistle on this guy. You can’t just let him set up shop as someone else.

  3. I think by the final price of the Fitz that collectors might finally be getting it. .. I almost had a brain fart with shoeless changing to queencity lol. DOH!

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