Shameless Plug: The FCB Halloween Event Starts Tonight!

For those of you who are members of Freedom Card Board, tonight is one of those nights that I wouldnt miss. Chris Gilmore has put together a slate of awesome stuff to give away with a special code contest, and it all starts at Midnight tonight.

This “Trick or Treat” contest functions on hidden codes all over the boards, and when they are redeemed, the user will either get a special prize or have their profile adorned with a “trick” from past FCB memes and memorable events. From what Gilmore has told me, the prizes are nothing to scoff at, especially when you consider that all you have to do is sign up and search for the codes to win.

If you havent signed up for FCB yet, you are not left out, just sign up your account asap to get started on my favorite board on the net. Unlike some of the other boards on the net, FCB is known for the diverse user base that has assembled, including some of the most knowledgable people I have seen on many different subjects.

Click here to sign up your account, and check back at midnight for the contest kickoff, as well as all day tomorrow.

One thought on “Shameless Plug: The FCB Halloween Event Starts Tonight!

  1. Just couldn’t get that sponsor mention in there, could you?

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