On Shelves Now: 2016 Panini Limited Football

I think Limited has had a VERY up and down past. When jersey cards and that type of hit was still valuable in some ways, Limited had a much more solid approach to the game. Now that no single jersey card is worth shit, it relies on the autographs and chase hits in the product to really deliver the goods. In some years, the product fell so short that there isnt an excuse. Luckily for this big year, Limited might be the best looking mid range product Panini has delivered all year. That is saying something.

Check out some of the big hits already posted:

2016 Limited Dak Prescott RC Auto Patch

2016 Limited Carson Wentz RC Auto Patch

2016 Limited Ezekiel Elliott Draft Booklet Auto Patch

2016 Limited Aaron Rodgers/Eddie Lacy/Jordy Nelson Triple Auto /5

2016 Limited Warren Sapp Auto On Card Redemption

Bottom line, I have missed SP Authentic in football with the fire of a thousand suns. This year’s format might not hearken back to those days, but the design sure as hell takes a welcome page from Upper Deck’s handbook. Although the shitty jersey cards are inexplicably still a huge part of the product, the rest of the cards look so good it doesnt matter.

Switching back to on card autos with a white dominated design is insanely welcome, and I hope that people really respond to a product that doesnt use Panini’s demonic posed photos that they are obsessed with. I hope that this type of trend continues, as we are seeing some clutch designs really start to take hold in previews we are seeing from NT as well.

If Panini can remove their heads from their ass for a quick minute, we could see more designs like Limited take hold. Whatever artist designed these cards should be given a lot more work to do, as they know whats up. Action photos, sleek look, modern approach, much like SPA. All good things.

I want this to continue but Im not holding my breath.

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