On Shelves Now: 2017 Leaf Trinity Football

I look forward to this set every year. Its been a staple of the preseason since 2013, and brings tons of on card autographs with some of the more unique cards released all season. Inscriptions, acetate, jumbo patches, and a bunch of other hard signed cards look great and deliver one of the best box breaks of the year. Its impossible to find any unopened boxes of 2016 Leaf Trinity for good reason. Because of a limited run, not much of it still exists unripped. The set is too good to pass up.

Check out some of the better cards up so far:

2017 Leaf Trinity Dalvin Cook FSU Logo Patch Auto 1/1

2017 Leaf Trinity Deshaun Watson Inscription Auto

2017 Leaf Trinity Mitchell Trubisky Inscription Auto

2017 Leaf Trinity Deshone Kizer Logo Patch Auto /5

2017 Leaf Trinity Christian McCaffrey Clear Acetate Auto /10

Of all the types of cards out there, inscriptions are my favorite, without a doubt. With autographs, shields, logos, and everything being so common, adding a touch of personality in this format brings a new dimension to the card type that is still special. Trinity was built around these types of cards, and its one of the reasons why I love it so much.

This is easily the best looking year of the product to boot, which makes it more worthwhile to check out the cards in the set. Leaf continues to deliver high quality sets at prices that Panini is unable to compete with, and it shows in so many ways with Trinity. I opened 4 boxes and hit 3 of the top players out there, something that has become impossible with Panini’s watered down product lines. Metal already exceeded a lot of my expectations, but I can tell that Brian Gray knows how important over delivering on product quality is to his customers. Without logos or NFL branding, it can be tough to win over people who only collect licensed cards. Adding content that is unique in this fashion can do a lot to overcome a lack of pro jerseys – especially when Panini has yet to offer a fully hard signed set.

In the end, battles against the goliaths of the industry are always uphill, but when products like Trinity can chip away, Im all for it. Shit, even the redemptions get done 100x faster than Panini. That alone is worth mentioning. As I have said for all four years of this set, kudos to Leaf. Really well done all around.

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