On Shelves Now: 2017 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball

I feel like collectors all over the world are running to their shops today like madmen looking to get their hands on Ginter. Its one of the most popular releases of the year, and with Judge and Bellinger mania sweeping the hobby, I dont expect anything to be different this time around. I have already started price watching a number of cards, and man things are nuts to start.

Here are some of the big hits already up:

2017 Allen and Ginter Aaron Judge Rip Card /99

2017 Allen and Ginter Aaron Judge Framed Mini Auto

2017 Allen and Ginter Cody Bellinger Full Sized Auto

2017 Allen and Ginter Ronaldo/Pele dual auto booklet

First off, Judge and Bellinger both have autographs, even though they both look to be redemptions. In all likelihood, these could end up some of the more desirable cards to have this year for both players, if only because of how much hype is behind this set. Add in subjects like Floyd Mayweather and it becomes a race to see who can get the top cards for their set. Red inks will be so difficult to get a hold of that im curious just to see what becomes of the cards. With the NSCC less than a week away, this is going to be a set to remember as long as both players stay hot.

After spending some time looking at the design for this year, I cant say Im impressed in the slightest. I think it can be really tough to keep updating this set each year with the hope of bringing a fresh take, but they are trying. The rounded backdrop looks odd, and I have never been all that much a fan of the posed pictures for this set over action shots from on the field. Although its not the worst they have done, I have to say its quite far from the best too.

Other stars like Tom from MySpace and Gene Hackman are really interesting additions to the checklist, and relics from Yetis and Santa will definitely be a huge chase. I think I saw a sharks tooth as well, but im sure that is just the beginning.

Im curious how this product might fare without the two biggest names, but Topps has gotten lucky for the last few years with tent poles to hold up much of their card year. This stuff is going to be a hot commodity around the group breakers and at the National, so its going to be fun to watch the rarer cards and rip cards get sorted out across the product.

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