I got an email today from Paul and Brian, readers who had seen my posts on Ufjumper and started working with the FBI and eBay to get him banned from the site and possibly arrested. Ever since Operation bullpen, the FBI has taken an interest in the selling of fraudulent items in sports memorabilia, and it looks like their work, and the work of other readers who have also emailed me, has come to fruition.

Per his email, Ufjumper7 has been kicked off eBay for the time being, and although it may not be permanent, its a start. There is already a neg on his account that states he is selling fakes, and that will deter some but not all buyers in his items if he gets back on. As of now, however, it looks like there is one less faker on eBay, and it is the readers of sites like this one, and the messageboard users who have made that happen. Maybe we are not as powerless as we once thought.

GREAT WORK everyone!

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