Sometimes, You Just Have To Laugh At These…

Man, Wolverine24 has decided that he wants to be enscribed in the book of douche. Many of you may know him from his ridiculous auctions (ridiculous good), however many of you may also know him from the constant speculation of his practices and their legit-ness. Well, he threw all that speculation into a gas drum and lit it on fire for warmth.

This particular auction is especially funny, as this dual “logo” looks like he just split it down the middle and gave half to each window. Nice job there. Premium workmanship. He even spits out the patch faker motto in the description:

“CHECK OUT OUR OTHER 1/1 NFL LOGO PATCHES !!!” Nice dude, three exclamation points. The card becomes more valuable with each.

See, the funniest thing is that these type of cards really dont go for that much anymore because so many people have caught on. So much for creativity in your ass backwards sense of ethics.

h/t freedom card board

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