Sports Card Album Changes the Game Once Again

Let me start off this article by talking about the way that the card community works. Basically, if you collect and you are online, you have to show everyone what you have. It makes collecting fun, because it uses a level of competition and pride in combination with the obvious vanity that we all inherently possess.

As a reuslt, for ages, collectors have repurposed photo sharing sites to show off their wares. Popular services like Photobucket have been around for ages, but they were never meant to be used for sharing cards in any way. We have all had the frustration of dealing with a type of site that never was meant to handle the type of situation we are all desiring.

Sergio from has made it his life’s work over the last year to change that, offering a site completely dedicated to card collecting online. Aside from a place where collectors can go and share their photos, the site also offers messaging for trading and selling as well. That’s only the half of it. For the first time ever, Sports Card Album has now been made into an app on the Apple store designed to make it that much easier.

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I downloaded the app last week, and have had nothing but awesome results in using it. As good as the mobile site used to be, the app is that much better. Although it costs 3.99, for less than the price of a pack of cards, I was able to get the full functionality of uploading images and tweeting out pictures with the touch of a button. Its incredible to see all the things that Sergio and his team were able to come up with.

If you are still using one of the old photo sharing sites, its time to switch – NOW. They are already working on a batch of upgrades that should be ready soon, which adds even more functionality of the main site. Check out the video below and buy the app via the link below. I rarely vouch for something on this site, but this is one of those things that we all need to support for the good of the hobby. Its rare that someone comes along with the dedication to spend the time and energy to actually change things instead of just talking about it like I do.

Great job Sergio, you have definitely made some waves.


2 thoughts on “Sports Card Album Changes the Game Once Again

  1. It’s been fun watching his project grow. Congrats to Sergio and his SCA team! I’m happy to be be part of the experience.

  2. I love the new app, will add more cards this week!! Thanks Sergio

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