Sports Card Album – the Hobby Evolved

WINNER: Ratliffs Cards!

Got a nice package in the mail yesterday from Sergio at Sports Card Album, and wanted to run a contest to give some it to lucky readers!


As a beta tester for the site, it really looks awesome, and improvements are being made every day. This will be the hub for photo sharing on the net, and it is 100% free in every way.

We have all had those experiences where we have repurposed another photo share site for cards, and it never really works out the way we want. This is the way to do it, as it is specifically customized for us, by us.

As an official blogger partner for this launch, I am definitely excited to see what it can become!

To enter the contest for this sealed prize pack – all you have to do is comment below and follow both @SCUncensored and @sportscardalbum on twitter. USA residents only!

Visit to sign up free!

25 thoughts on “Sports Card Album – the Hobby Evolved

  1. Thanks for the contest! I am really enjoying the site! Glad I made the change over from Photobucket! Hopefully I can get all of my friends from YouTube to join!


  2. Wow – Awesome idea. Kudos to @sportscardalbum for taking the initiative on this.

  3. I think what anyone is doing regarding Sports Card Album is phenomenal! Excellent for the hobby.

  4. Not sure of the improvements that they are making, but the Brand should be a drop down. Also, variation/parallels/refractors/subset should also be a drop down. I think it allows too much of a free flow of information and it should be uniform.
    Just a thought.

  5. I follow u both. Enjoy ur content (luv thats it’s daily) and I’m using sports card album. Thx for contest

  6. I’ve used Photobucket like most others for years now – glad that there’s another alternative and glad that it’s built by and for collectors!

  7. Following both and looking forward to checking out the site. The hobby has been evolving and its cool to see technology used to keep the hobby current.

  8. Absolutely loving the site. So easy to manuever that even this caveman can do it. 🙂 Thanks for the contest.

  9. I think this is an awesome idea and I just wanted to say thanks for doing this. And last but not least GO ViKINGS!

  10. Thanks for the contest! I’m following both. Heard about this when beta launched, but didn’t get in. Genius idea, signing up now. Cheers!

  11. Stumbling across your page and now the Sports Card Album are getting me back into the hobby! Thanks to you both

  12. The site looks really awesome man. Keep it up. I follow you @footballtrades

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