Star Wars Autographs – Big Names Bringing Big Bucks

There may be no more rabid fan base than Star Wars out there, and trading cards have been a part of the collector focus since 1977 when the first Topps set was released. Now that Topps is focusing more energy on using Star Wars as a marquee licensing vehicle, its clear they are starting to get a lot of eyes from the giant numbers that are being paid for autographs of the big name guys.

Check these out:

2016 Topps Star Wars Chrome Daisy Ridley Auto XFractor

2016 Topps Rogue One Felicity Jones (Jyn Erso) Auto

2016 Topps Star Wars High Tek Adam Driver (Kylo Ren) Auto Red /5

2016 Topps Star Wars Force Awakens Harrison Ford Auto 10/10

This has not been more evident than the inclusion of John Boyega and Daisy Ridley in Transcendent Collection, which was a bit of an odd choice considering that it was a Baseball product. Obviously, both autographs are quite valuable with their roles in the new Star Wars trilogy, but these wont be SW themed cards.

With the release of the new movie today, Rogue One products are getting more attention with the film getting such good reviews. Felicity Jones is a signer for the product, and her redemptions are going for quite ridiculous numbers. Other top actors from the film are also getting similar attention, although male characters not named Ford rarely get the attention we see for the female counterparts. Insert joke here, because this is pretty expected.

Adding Adam Driver to the list of subject has been pretty cool as well, with Kylo Ren getting first action in new products released this month. Like Females, Villains get to be fan favorites as much as anyone, especially when they wield a lightsaber.

High Tek was a surprisingly awesome product last year with so many on card autographs being an exception to the rule for non-sport products. This year’s set is that much more impressive with newer characters from Force Awakens added to the mix. I think Tek works better for this type of setting than it does in the sports they have released prior. It just fits.

As we continue down this path, Im curious to see what more can be generated to keep interest high as new Star Wars movies are churned out almost yearly. I think there is a lot of room for hard signed super premium products, something that hasnt been as much of a focus in the past few years.

Star Wars has potential to be big business if done right, and the continued integration with Digital is a huge plus for these cards. Im more than surprised that Topps hasnt dove in more headfirst with the positive reaction seen across the hobby. I want more products, as for the first time in my life, im considering large scale purchases of non-sport cards.

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