Stay Away From NSA – Write That Down

I recently got an email from a collector wondering about the hundreds of encased NSA 1/1 patch cards that get posted on eBay every day. I know if you have searches set up with daily filtered eBay items, you have seen these terrible cards. They are the ones that are sold as “game used” and are encased in holders that look similar to BGS and PSA, but look like they were made in someone’s garage. People buy these cards thinking that the jersey swatches are game used, when really they are most likely just cut up replica jerseys.

I shouldnt even have to write about this subject, as there is no reason to consider buying a non-certified card, patch or no patch. Its like buying a questionable auto certified by GAI – why even waste your time? Considering that most of the certified patches for 90% of any product checklist sell for under $10, its not even cost effective to spend a dime on fucking junk like these.
Hopefully that clears this up for those of you who are super collectors, as these cards should not be on your radar. Just walk away and let some other poor schmuck buy them.

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