Stay Away From These SPAs

While I was out, Heel posted on the makeup of what an SPA scammer is all about. He mentioned a guy, ufjumper7, who is starting to make waves as quite possibly the dumbest faker in recent memory. Usually, scammers use two accounts to complete their fakes, one to buy and one to sell. Obviously ufjumper didnt get the memo. Must not have had a cover sheet, I guess.

Over on FCB, a good break down of his purchases versus sales was discussed, further cementing what Heel originally posted. Here are some of the examples:

LeSean McCoy BEFORE – 1 color patch, same sig, same number.

LeSean McCoy AFTER – Ridiculous patch, same sig same number.
Mark Sanchez BEFORE – 2 color patch ( a good patch ruined), same sig, same number.
Mark Sanchez AFTER – Logo patch, same sig, same number.
Matt Stafford BEFORE – 1 color patch, same sig, same number.
Matt Stafford AFTER – 4 color patch, same sig, same number.
Also, as I failed to mention in the original draft of this post, the guy has bought close to 30 versions of redemptions from the guys who havent signed yet. I think its safe to say what is going to happen with those.
Is this really what we have come to? Scammers arent even trying anymore. I hope this guy gets crapped on by a dog today, a nice runny one, that would only be a portion of what he deserves.
h/t Wheeler

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