Super Bowl 48 – BIG GAME Winners and Losers

I hate to say it. It pains me to say it. Football is over. The barren wasteland of sports I care about begins now.

To be honest, the Super Bowl wasn’t even that exciting for me, other than playing along with the game on Topps Huddle. All that being said, its clear there were some big winners and big losers last night, and although I am now football deprived, the path to 2014 begins now.

Russell Wilson – WINNER

I don’t think there could be a better up and coming face of the NFL than Russell Wilson. Clean cut, well spoken, hard working, and a later round pick. All are prime directives for living the NFL dream. Wilson’s hobby value has been on the up and up over the last few months, but after some weeks of down play, he played VERY well yesterday. So well he should have been MVP had the defense not been a monster. He was definitely hobby MVP of the game, and his cards are already going nuts. If you are not selling now, you are not selling at all.

2012 Prime Signatures Russell Wilson Auto Patch 3/99

2012 Topps Strata Russell Wilson Auto Patch Clear Cut

2012 Topps Supreme Russell Wilson Dual Jumbo Patch Auto Booklet

Malcom Smith – LOSER

When I saw Smith was named MVP, I was PISSED. Not because the guy didn’t deserve it, but because he likely wont be an impact player in any way shape or form in the hobby. Sure, he played big on the big stage, but how many times has this happened? Right Deion Branch and Dexter Jackson? As of right now, Malcom Smith has ZERO cards. Yup, not a single one. Im labeling this a loser because its obvious that we would have been better off with Harvin, Wilson or even Chancellor as MVP. Even Kam Chancellor has some cards:

2013 Panini Limited Kam Chancellor Jumbo Patch

2013 Topps Kam Chancellor Gold Base Card

Demaryius Thomas – WINNER

I think its clear that Thomas has emerged as one of the top WR in the game, which only goes to show you how big an egg the Denver offense laid yesterday. Thomas put up record numbers and still got nothing out of it. In the hobby, he is still very undervalued, and would actually be one of the guys I would take a look at buying during the offseason. He should be a force of nature for years to come, even if WR are never considered to be top value guys with collectors for some reason.

2010 National Treasures Demaryius Thomas Rookie Auto Patch

2010 Topps Five Star Demaryius Thomas Auto Patch Booklet

Richard Sherman – PUSH

There was no bigger story over the last few weeks than Sherman and his personality, and for the most part he played well. The reason I am labeling this a push is because he didn’t make a play that could increase his value significantly outside of winning the game. Most of the value was already realized after the Crabtree incident, and I don’t think he is going to be going up further. He should be a great target once Treasures is released though.

2013 Contenders Richard Sherman Auto NFL Ink

2013 Panini Select Richard Sherman Auto

Percy Harvin – WINNER

I was a huge fan of Harvin when he was with the Vikings, and I am happy he played well, even if he whined his way out of Minnesota. If you are going to go wild for one game, this is the game to do it. Harvin’s value has fluctuated over the course of his recent injury outage, but this is his peak. Harvin’s kickoff return TD iced the game, well after he opened with a long run in the first quarter to set up a FG. He should be great in Seattle as long as he stays healthy. He doesn’t sign often, so his value can stay consistent.

2009 Exquisite Percy Harvin Auto Rookie Patch /99

2009 SP Authentic Percy Harvin Auto Patch /999

Peyton Manning – LOSER

I am a HUGE fan of Manning, and I am angry that his stupid brother has one more ring. Manning is a class act who deserves all the praise he gets, but this game will likely be a stain on his hobby value for the next few months. That is UNFORTUNATE as hell, as he put up one of the best seasons ever, if not the best. No ring = no value. Big loss = drop in value. Cant argue with the history of this.

1998 Stadium Club Co-Signers Peyton Manning / Dan Marino Dual Auto

2013 Finest Peyton Manning On Card Auto IP Signature – JSA cert

Now, please excuse me while I crawl back to my hole of despair while I wait for the draft. Happy offseason everyone!

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  1. NFL Combine starts the 22nd of this month!! Luck I love baseball too.

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