Super Bowl XLVII – Giveaways Are in Full Swing!

Ill admit, Super Bowl week has become a big enterprise for the card companies. Not only do all of them make the trip to the site of the game, but they have started to offer some really awesome giveaways for those collectors that can attend the NFL experience. Some of the giveaways from Topps and Panini have already started to show up on Ebay, and I must say that each company really knocked it out of the park this year.

The base set from each company is well conceived and designed well, although I have to say that Panini has the better looking cards. Topps went for a sky background on their cards which works well, but for the first time in a long time, I think Panini has the better results.

Panini Super Bowl XLVII 49ers Commemorative Set

Panini Super Bowl XLVII Ravens Commemorative Set

Panini Super Bowl Drew Brees Manufactured SB XLIV Patch Card

Topps Super Bowl XLVII Andrew Luck Giveaway

Topps Super Bowl XLVII Robert Griffin III Giveaway

Panini, master of all things giveaway related have also created exclusive “BLACK BOX” packs that are to be given away, each of which delivers a guaranteed auto. I think this is a great idea, if not only because the checklist looks to be strong, and the auto can help offset some of the crazy box prices that tend to be given to Panini products at release. For a limited time the packs were available on their website, but sold out VERY quickly. I was lucky enough to get a box of my own, and ill post the results as soon as I have them this afternoon.

Although I think the autograph cards arent that good looking, its the giveaway that I think is always welcome. Personally, I absolutely cannot stand when on field photography is shelved for helmet off sideline shots, which look to be the case for most of the exclusive autos. Considering that the cards are commemorating participants in the Super Bowl, I have no clue why Panini would opt for stupid pictures of the players on the sideline instead of the iconic photography from the game?

Topps also tweeted that Luck and Griffin will have exclusive manufactured patch cards as well, and I doubt the giveaways will end there. Keep an eye out for the cards on eBay and you might be able to score some of these awesome cards. Typically, these cards dont come up on eBay much after the initial offering, so paying that extra percent on top of your budget might be worth it.

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