Super Bowl XLVII: Which Cards I Would Buy

Going into Super Bowl XLVII with two very collectable teams battling it out, there will be a lot of people looking to prospect a bit before the game begins and the game ends. Because we are under 10 days away, the point of no return is quickly approaching for buying cards and having them at your doorstep before the game starts. Bottom line, if you are going to buy, you will have to bet big on one or two cards to really make an impact. A Super Bowl win can make a player’s collectability skyrocket like nothing else in sports cards, and here is my breakdown of the cards I would go in on. I know that these types of breakdowns are everywhere these days, but man is it fun to see who stands to gain the most from an elite performance on the league’s biggest stage.

Colin Kaepernick 2011 Chrome Autos

Although I understand his Contenders auto is more readily available, and has the long standing tradition behind it, the 2011 design is one of the worst in history. The 2011 Chrome design, on the other hand, is one of the best Chrome runs ever produced, and the cards are signed on card just like Contenders. Ill take a good looking card over a hideous card every day of the week. The base autos are selling a bit under where they should be, but they wont stay there for long if he wins the big one. His refractor auto parallels are insane right now, and to tell you the truth, I still think they havent hit their potential with the national attention he could end up getting. Hell, if you have rich enough blood, the Colin Kaepernick Superfractor Auto – BGS 9.5 (of course – ugh).

2011 Topps Chrome Colin Kaepernick Auto Base RC

2011 Topps Chrome Colin Kaepernick Auto Refractor Variation

2011 Topps Chrome Colin Kaepernick Auto Black Refractor

Joe Flacco 2008 Exquisite Patch Autos

Man, 2008 was one of the best years for Exquisite football because of the patch auto designs. I WISH there was a Viking player at the premiere worth collecting from that year, but alas, there isnt. Flacco’s Exquisite has dropped a bit in value over the last few years, and this will be THE card to get if he wins and gets MVP. A SB victory will solidify his place as a premiere NFL starter, and I know there are a lot of Ravens fans eagerly awaiting to see whether or not he can pull it off. There is one catch however – FAKES. The Ravens have the most collectible logo patch in all of football, and Fakers went crazy putting them in every 2 color Flacco they could find. I would have no problem buying one, as long as it isnt a logo patch. STAY AWAY from logos (even if they are “authenticated”).

2008 Joe Flacco Exquisite Auto 2 Color Patch /99

2008 Exquisite Joe Flacco Rookie Auto Patch Gold /25

Ray Rice 2008 SP Authentic Patch Autos

The winner of the Maurice Jones Drew Memorial Awesome Player With No Value Award goes to Ray Rice this year. He has had good season after good season, but no one buys that he is a player that is worth collecting. Further evidence that Running Backs not named Adrian Peterson are becoming as collectible as WRs. Ouch. That being said, Ray Rice’s cards are worth taking a chance on if you think he can slice and dice his way through the Niners’ Defense. I like his SP Authentic patch auto more than his Exquisite patch auto because of the picture choice UD made, and I think that the minimalist design from the 2008 set is awesome. Like the Flaccos, STAY AWAY FROM LOGOS. Dont risk it.

2008 SP Authentic Ray Rice Rookie Patch Auto /999

2008 SP Authentic Ray Rice Rookie Patch Auto Gold /25

Michael Crabtree 2009 Bowman Chrome Parallels and Autos

I loved the 2009 Bowman Chrome design, and I am still sad it was the last of its kind. I dont think the auto design for 2009 Topps Chrome was even close to as nice, and I think that these cards have the most wiggle room. The Bowman Chrome football cards have the same parallel structure as baseball, which means the Golds, Oranges and Reds are the ones to get. BGS 9.5s of Crabtree are still relatively affordable, but you are banking on a great game, not MVP. If he has a great game, Kaepernick will win MVP – not him.

2009 Bowman Chrome Michael Crabtree Gold Refractor Auto /25

Vernon Davis 2006 Contenders Autos

Even though he didnt have the best season, he came on STRONG in the two wins during the playoffs for the Niners. Davis has potential to play a long time and be at the top of his game a la Tony Gonzales, and I think that a SB win could mean a lot to those people that have held onto his cards all these years. Again, like Crabtree, you are banking on a great game, not MVP, and its likely that he should play well win or lose. I like those odds. The 2006 Contenders design is much better than any of the other cards from this year, which I think should make a difference in valuation. SP Authentic was a disaster for the first and only time during its tenure, which makes the contenders a much more viable option.

2006 Playoff Contenders Vernon Davis Auto Ticket

Jim Harbaugh Autos and Rookies

Yes, you heard me right. The great thing about a coach that was also a player, is that they will have cards to prospect for when they win. Both brothers will get the majority of the media spotlight for the game because of the rivalry, and I have to believe that Jim is the more collectable coach as I see him having a much better career than his brother. I also predict the Niners to win, so that’s a factor too.

2000 Donruss Preferred Signatures Jim Harbaugh Auto

1997 Pinnacle Inscriptions Jim Harbaugh Auto

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