Breaking Down My Favorite Cards from 2015 Topps Series 1 Baseball

As mentioned before, there are more people that wait for the release of Topps baseball than any other set that is released during the year. Almost yearly it gets national attention, which is has happened again this year with Jeter’s final Topps base card. That type of thing rarely happens, and is very good when it does. VERY GOOD. I think this year’s set has some real gems, and I wanted to highlight some of my favorites.

Strata Signature Relics

When I wrote about the set a few days ago, I mentioned how much I love these cards. In football, they continue to be a card I will chase until the end, and I am happy that they are back again for baseball after a lot of success last year. The multi-layer presentation looks awesome with a hard signed signature, and though many are redemptions, they are worth the wait.

2015 Topps Mike Piazza Strata Signature Relic – Live Card

2015 Topps Clayton Kershaw Strata Signature Relic

2015 Topps Jose Abreu Strata Signature Relic

Post Season Relic Autos

Whenever a card company can use the official logos from an event, I will usually perk my ears up. It adds a bit of fanfare to something to get its own logo, and most of the time they are worth adding to the trading cards to commemorate what happened. These cards were cool last year, and this year they are really nice as well.

2015 Topps Clayton Kershaw Post Season Auto Patch

2015 Topps Salvador Perez Post Season Auto Patch

Gallery of Greats

The framing of the picture with a focus on highlighting some of Baseaball’s titans is awesome. I think the cards just look high end, and raised border makes it seem more special. Although the autograph cards look worse in scans than I expect they really are in person, I would chase them if the checklist had a player I collected.

2015 Topps Derek Jeter Gallery of Greats Gold

2015 Topps Mike Piazza Gallery of Greats Auto

Framed Base Parallels

I dont really collect base cards at all. These are a bit different, as the metal frame adds a level of museum to these cards that rarely exist. At 20 copies each, the big guys like Jeter sell for insane money.

2015 Topps Miguel Cabrera Framed Base /20

2015 Topps Madison Bumgarner Framed Base /20

Acetate Base Parallels

Much like the framed cards, the acetate parallel is also one I love. As someone who loves acetate cards (as evidenced in my love of Strata), these are some bad ass base cards. Rarity in 10 copies makes them pretty beastly in price too.

2015 Topps Jose Abreu Acetate Base /10

2015 Topps Eric Hosmer Acetate Base /10

Topps Series 1 remains a hobby event, and that will not change as long as it exists. I think these cards are perfect examples why even the hit collectors can appreciate the product.

SCU Go-Live Report: 2015 Topps Baseball

With pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training less than a month from now, that only means one thing – 2015 Topps Series 1 Baseball is on the way. Even though I rarely buy packs of Baseball cards anymore, the release of the new Topps set is always fun. Seeing that this release ALSO crosses over to the amazing digital apps that are my new favorite past time, Im more invested than ever, even if its not in a traditional manner.

This year’s design is a relative departure from the last few years of the set, but its one that I rather enjoy. Its not so modern that it takes away from the history of the set, but its not so boring that it doesnt feel fresh. The only thing I dont think will work as well stems from the transition of colored borders in all the parallels.

Here are some of the first hits up so far:

2015 Topps Miguel Cabrera Auto Relic Gallery of Greats

2015 Topps Mike Trout Career High Auto SSP

2015 Topps Bo Jackson Coin and Stamp Relic

2015 Topps Jacob Degrom Auto Career High

2015 Topps Clayton Kershaw SSP Photo Variation

We dont know much about the surprises that are definitely in store for the variations or other quirks of the set, but I am excited to see what that turns out to be. Breaks should start showing up tonight, as Topps has planned some pre-release parties with major retailers for the first time I can remember.

The first pitch celebrity cards are generating a lot of buzz among collectors, as they feature some really cool subjects that threw out ceremonial first pitches during last year. The set is selling for some really nice money, and it is a cool idea for an insert.

Topps Series 1 also brings out the set collectors from the woodwork each year, as this is really one of the main products that caters to that kind of hobby participant. Even though I am not a set collector by any definition of the word, its always funny to see people pick it apart with what they like and dont like.

I also like a lot of the designs for the inserts and autographs for the first time in a while, as I feel they have come up drastically short over the last few years. My three favorite parts of the set in the acetate parallels, framed cards and Strata signature relics are all back, and I will definitely try to pick up a few from the guys I chase. I still think the framed cards play after a few years, which is cool.

For whatever reason, card collectors can be some of the most anal OCD individuals about certain things, many of which I dont agree with or understand. There was some annoying controversy around including Derek Jeter as the first card in the set, as people have cited that retired players shouldnt be included in the base set. Although Paul Konerko also has a commemorative card in the base set, Jeter took most of the heat. Im going to say this again, as I said it in Twitter – Really? I mean Really? This is what we are getting mad about? The most iconic player in the game retires and people are pissed at Topps for giving him one last major sendoff? Cmon people. Really? If you think the backup shortstop on the Royals deserves a card more than Jeter in this set, even I will tell you that you have made the wrong cause your banner.

Either way, Series 1 should be a fun rip for Baseball enthusiasts as they prepare for the year, and I hope that will never change. Ill be keeping an eye out to see any of the cards I might want, and hopefully this year, I can find a better excuse to get back into collecting baseball cards. With all the time I spend on Topps BUNT, that shouldnt be hard.