Team Randomizer – 2010 Panini Classics

Here is the results of the randomizer for the upcoming break. Trading and selling allowed until noon central on tuesday. Please trade in the comments here.

James R (PAID) – saints, niners, broncos
Chris C(PAID) – colts, eagles, steelers, patriots
Jeremy K (PAID) – redskins, bengals
Andrew A (PAID) – cowboys, giants, ravens, cardinals
John S. (PAID) – raiders, browns
Lucy D (PAID) – Packers, chiefs, bears, rams
Frank L. (PAID) – Vikings, Bills
Wheeler (PAID) – chargers, texans, falcons, dolphins
Rafael G (PAID) – Bucs, Jets, lions, Jags
Ryan T. (PAID) – Titans, seahawks
Bobby P- Panthers (Bought from James R)

PROBLEM: I cant get the video to process through Youtube, twitvid or blogger. Its in .mov format and is done by the program “screen record.” Does anyone know how to do this? I can email the video to any of the participants if they want it, maybe it will work for you.

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