Team Randomizer – Plates & Patches 3 Box Break

Here are the randomizer results for the Plates and Patches break, it should be going down in the middle of next week if everything goes to plan. Trading teams is available until 2 hours before the scheduled break, feel free to use the comments to say which teams are available.

Thanks again to Josh at Atlanta Sports Cards for the great price on these boxes, be sure to check out the site for some great deals on wax and other items or supplies. Josh is a great deal and is always happy to answer questions if you want to get in contact with him. I have not bought online boxes from anywhere else in a long time, and my pulls have been great. Check it out.

The video will be up as soon as it finishes processing. Thank you for your patience!

Ethan M – St. Louis Rams, San Francisco 49ers
Scott K – Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs
Jeremy A – Minnesota Vikings, Carolina Panthers
Mitch P – Indianapolis Colts, Philadelphia Eagles
Justin J – Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints
Mario Z – New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins
Jason R – Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills
Brock M – Seattle Seahawks, Cincinnati Bengals
Josh B – San Diego Chargers, Denver Broncos
Steve O – Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons, New York Giants, Detroit Lions
Robert D – Tennessee Titans, Arizona Cardinals
Russ T – Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins, Jacksonville Jaguars, Pittsburgh Steelers
Jesse S – Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets
Clay B – Houston Texans, Chicago Bears

14 thoughts on “Team Randomizer – Plates & Patches 3 Box Break

  1. Both mine, raiders and chiefs are available. All offers entertained.

  2. To Russ T. I’m a clevelander. would you have any interest trading Cleveland for the Eagles??

  3. @Mitch
    Gonna pass on the eagles. I actually collect Hardesty as a Vol fan. Also Colt ain’t a bad get.

    As for my others, the Jags and Skins are tradeable.

  4. Jeremy A – interested in selling the Panthers? If so email me at bprevatteATgmailDOTcom

  5. How do these things work? I always been interested in these breaks, but I’m always a day late. How much and how do I get in this?

  6. @J Demier

    Gellman explains most of it above in the post. After the boxes comes in he opens on youtube and then you get every card of every player from the teams you were assigned. He then mails them to you. You then get to enjoy said cards.

    His fill up pretty quick. You have to usually pay him in the 5-8 hours or so after he posts to get in.

    You can have my Jags and Skins if you want to buy them, or if Jeremy won’t trade the Panthers.

  7. hopefully we don’t pull a cut auto since i have never even heard of at least half of the guys on that set, but if we do, there may be some guys who played for multiple teams. you need to lay down a rule for that situation.

  8. @Bassman

    I could be wrong but if there is no team listed it then goes to who truly wants it more. This is decided by each participant writing an essay. Then the rest of the group votes.

    But who are we kidding. This is Panini. We are guaranteed an encapsulated redemption for a on-card Don Meredith.

    What?!? Too soon?

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