The Brown Noise: Trent Richardson Traded To Indianapolis

I am rarely shocked by trades. They usually fill a need for both teams, and they rarely involve players that are worth keeping on your team. When I heard that Trent Richardson was traded to Indianapolis for a first round pick, I was literally floored. I was high on Richardson, even though he played for a terrible team, as I think he might be one of the last true running backs to be drafted as high as he was. Obviously now, that wont be the case any further. Indianapolis is a great team, and they just got that much better.

Some major hobby action on his RC stuff already, curious to see how these cards perform:

2012 Topps Chrome Trent Richardson Auto RC PSA 10

2012 Exquisite Trent Richardson Auto Inscription /10

2012 Contenders Trent Richardson Auto Ticket RC

2012 National Treasures Trent Richardson Auto Patch PSA 10

Its clear that the Browns are now well on their way to the first pick in the 2014 draft, and its even more clear that they want to start completely fresh in 2014. Its likely that Teddy Bridgewater will be on their radar, unless Jacksonville gets to him first. However, without Richardson, is the team going to be missing a piece that could have helped them once things got started? Even crazier, the Browns traded up from number four to draft Richardson at three, giving my Vikings extra picks to do it. They drafted Pro Bowl tackle Matt Kalil in his place. Now they are giving up on him that easily? Doesnt make sense.

On the bright side, Richardson now has a legitimate shot to be even better of a player than he already was. The Colts have a passing game with Andrew Luck, and they have a good line as well. Additionally, they should be a playoff team come the end of the year, and that means even more value for the guys like Richardson along the way. Chuck Pagano is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the better coaches in the league, and if I was Trent Richardson, I would be absolutely ecstatic right now. More than that, I would be running up and down the halls jumping for fucking joy.

Andrew Luck is already a hobby favorite as it stands, but does his cards become more valuable now that there is a running game behind him? I think so. This is about as much of a steal for the Colts as possible, as long as Richardson stays healthy, and that isnt putting it lightly. These things have a way of working themselves out, so I guess we will be in for some viewing pleasure either way.

Wow, thats all I can say. Just wow.

2 thoughts on “The Brown Noise: Trent Richardson Traded To Indianapolis

  1. I just have nothing to describe the pure stupidity of this deal. I saw it and still can’t fathom what the reasoning is behind it. The Browns have proven that their draft skill in selecting players is on par with throwing darts at a board. Whoever gets paid to scout for them better not be making more than minimum wage. So, they now believe they will get more value from a draft pick than Trent Richardson. If this was the Patriots, I’d be all in. But, it’s the morons who thought an almost 30 year old rookie QB was the way to turn the team around. Par for the course in Cleveland.

  2. Richardson was drafted by the previous regime. They proved their incompetence when they passed on Julio Jones for a D tackle (Phil Taylor) who is an average player at best. I’m a diehard Browns fan and watching Richardson play the last year and two games all I can tell you is he’s average at best.
    1)He had major knee injuries in HIGH SCHOOL 2)Averaged 3.6 yds a carry last year 3)Was overdrafted b/c of the hype from Alabama. I wouldn’t spend a dime on his RCs b/c his career will be short. Only reason Colts picked him up was Ballard blew out his knee.

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