The Future Of Sports Cards Uncensored

These last few weeks have been a whirling dervish of ridiculousness in the hobby, and it has not been much different around the Gellman household either. First off, my wife is about to begin month eight of the pregnancy, and is getting to the point where she just hates being that way. You know how that gets. At work, things have been crazy as well, and when you add in what is coming next week, things are starting to get nuts.

To start, come next week, things are going to have to slow down a little round these parts. On thursday I am going to be having some surgery, mostly to help improve my life by losing a lot of weight that I have put on due to my Diabetes. Make all the fat jokes while you can, because I wont be fat for much longer. That is going to put a dent in my posts per day for a week or two, so dont start sending me hate mail if I am not returning your questions as quickly as before.
As if that wasnt enough, the baby is due April 25th, so at that point, my free time is going to start looking a lot more sparse. That means posting around here will most likely have to drop a little as well, so again, no hate mail.
Then, to put a fucking cherry on top of everything, I am being promoted at work in June, forcing me to uproot our life in California and trek to San Antonio where I will be starting on June 7th. Yes, my newly healed body, brand new baby, and stressed out wife will be moving over 1000 miles to our new home in Texas. How do you like them apples, right?
So, to sum up, my life is going to be hell for the next few months, and I am very much expecting SCU to be the first casualty. Although I am far from calling it quits, I am not sure how I will keep up the pace I am running at now. To help supplement my loss of time, there may be a few new faces posting here on the site, which makes me very happy to get some new blood around here. I guess its safe to say that if things do get crazier than they already are, I will definitely have great support for this site that has been my baby over the last two years. However, now that I actually have a real baby to deal with, hopefully my love for writing here will not have a fatal blow.
Thanks to all of the people who have already offered their support, my family and I definitely appreciate it.

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