The Legend Returns – Tom Brady FINALLY Signs For Panini

Let me start of by saying that I am relatively aware of how polarizing a player Tom Brady can be. Its more because of where he plays and who plays for than what he is all about, but he is easily one of the best quarterbacks of this generation. His hobby value is pretty much the top of the mountain, and it shouldnt come as a surprise to anyone. To think that he doesnt sign that often is relatively crazy, especially considering how important he is to the hobby.

Check out how much his auto is going for, even in a down season:

Topps Ring of Honor Tom Brady Super Bowl MVP Auto

Panini National Treasures Tom Brady Auto 3/4

Bowman Sterling Tom Brady Auto Patch 12/20

Absolute Tools of the Trade Tom Brady Dual Jersey Auto /5

Panini recently publicized a recent signing for Brady that they did, and I am of the people who appreciates that Panini is still following up on some of these cards from over a year ago. This signing includes some of the first on card Tom Brady autos in years, available in 2012 National Treasures, which Im sure will make quite a few people happy.

This is almost like the situation currently in play for Aaron Rodgers, who similarly operates under the status of hobby ghost. Like Brady, Rodgers rarely signs, and his cards continue to be incredibly difficult to come by. Thanks to a large investment from Topps in 2011 and 2012, Five Star had a significant amount of autos, all on card. It brought down the prices a bit, which helped to make Rodgers more affordable to more collectors. Brady hasnt signed in this manner in years.

Although I think many of these cards are completely hideous, its still cool to be able to see them before they are sent out. Brady has a huge hobby following despite his lack of presence, and when we see that the signing was completed, Panini looks to be planning more of these signatures to come. That is a VERY good thing.

Regardless of how you feel about his place in your list of favorite players, it cant be denied that more of his autographs will help out the products they are included in. Considering how old some of these cards are, im curious to see how many collectors will be missing out after choosing replacements instead of waiting. Gives us hope for all those people still waiting on Russell Wilson cards.

One thought on “The Legend Returns – Tom Brady FINALLY Signs For Panini

  1. Whoa, he actually signed the Virtuoso NT inserts. Amazing. Panini is as awesome as stepping on shards of glass in bare feet but, getting Brady to sign is actually pretty big for collectors. Now, let’s see if Larry Fitz can be tracked down for the Virtuoso redemptions and his first on card autographs since 2007 UD Exquisite…

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