The Value of a Beautiful Signature

A few days ago I talked about some of the worst signatures of this years class, and how disappointing it was to see how many of their signatures had become a disaster. The next question that I want to discuss is how much value have a great signature can have, as I believe that is also a big reason collectors will buy. Here are some of my favorite MODERN signatures, as in the past, every guy signed his whole name like a true gentleman. It was a source of pride back then, and as we have seen recently, that time has passed.

Adrian Peterson – Homer Pick

Yes, yes, I get that he is on this list at the top because he is my favorite player. That is pretty obvious to everyone. However, he does have a pretty awesome signature. Here is the worst part – he also has a give up version that I dont like half as much. This only increases the value of his full signature, to which Peterson collectors like me will go nuts to have them.

Adrian Peterson Signed and Inscribed Football

2012 National Treasures Adrian Peterson Virtuoso Auto /25

Kirk Cousins

I was surprised to see how valuable Kirk Cousins’ cards are, even though its becoming more and more clear that RGIII will be around to start the season. I guess there isnt a lot of faith that the Redskins’ QB of the future will be healthy enough to continue playing at a high level. Cousins has tremendous penmanship, and even I will admit I am impressed with the way it look.

2012 National Treasures Kirk Cousins Auto

2012 Exquisite Kirk Cousins Auto Patch RC

Tiki Barber

The former Giants running back is known for his unusual takes, including his unusual attempt at a comeback. He had a great career either way, and his auto would have value regardless of what it looked like. Collectors have long raved about his looping masterpiece, which even I am impressed with. I think the fact that he manages to sneak his number in there is also pretty awesome.

2009 Leaf Limited Tiki Barber/Emmitt Smith Dual Auto

2005 Exquisite Tiki Barber Auto

Ronde Barber

One good signature deserves another, and the other half of the Barber twins has a similarly awesome signature. Ronde will be in the HOF as a CB, but even when he gets there, signatures for defense rarely sell very well. His sells better because of the way it looks, and I would not be surprised to see a bump when he retires after playing as long as he has.

2012 National Treasures Ronde Barber Auto

2006 Ronde Barber Ultimate Collection Auto

Kurt Warner

I think its going to be a longer shot for Kurt Warner to make it into the top echelons of the Hobby, but he had a great career with a Super Bowl win. He also had two other appearances where he lost in dramatic fashion. Warner has a very stylistic signature that I think looks very nice, and when you consider that he doesnt sign many cards, it makes his auto more expensive.

2012 Topps FIve Star Kurt Warner Quotables Inscription Auto

2008 SP Authentic Kurt Warner Auto Patch

Matthew Stafford

As an up and coming QB on an underperforming team, Stafford has put up some blistering stats over the last two years. Not only has he passed for a TON of yards and TDs, but he has stayed relatively healthy along the way. His autograph is pretty remarkable, and I absolutely love the way he scrawls it out over the whole area of the signature area. Even on stickers it looks nice.

2009 SP Authentic Matthew Stafford Auto

2009 Press Pass Matthew Stafford Red Auto

Geno Smith

Although he wasnt drafted in the first round, his signature is incredible. I hope he plays well enough in NY that he gets more opportunities to sign cards because he definitely takes the time to make his autograph count. I have heard he might have one of the best rookie autographs in the last few years, and I agree. Its a good thing when the best potential star in the class also has the best sig.

2013 Bowman Chrome Geno Smith Red Refractor Auto

2013 Leaf Trinity Geno Smith Inscription Auto

Interested to hear some more of your favorites as I surely missed a couple. I love beautiful autos and I continue to hunt down more examples as I find them. Lets just hope more rookies turn out like this rather than like this train wreck.

11 thoughts on “The Value of a Beautiful Signature

  1. Jerome Bettis has the best RB signature of all time. Even Peterson best days it is just scribble 🙂

  2. I really think Brett Favre has a really nice signature. Barry Sanders also comes to mind. I really wish players took the time to sign cards nicer. Unfortunately, I think it will only become worse. I wonder if they sign other things, like their checks or contracts, differently…

  3. I definitely think Jerome Bettis has a wonderful signature as do a lot of older players. One of the great things about getting TTM autos is seeing a full auto on the card instead of a sticker.

  4. Randy Moss is one of the rare players who does just about every letter in his auto… He has a sweet autograph!

  5. Donald Driver and Donte Whitner have pretty unique autos…maybe not legible but cool regardless.

  6. You missed out on another Viking, Blair Walsh’s auto is the winner of this past rookie class. The big loop connecting the from back to front and throwing the jersey number in there as an exponent is classic.

    The oppisite of this is Cordy Gleen who would have been on your bad signer’s list from last year

  7. It’s a shame Felix Jones has flamed out, because his signature is one of my favorites of the last five years.

  8. how a self-proclaimed autograph collector over a card collector misses The Bus’ signature in a post like this is nothing less than a travesty 🙂

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