The Yasiel Puig Explosion Goes Nuclear

I know, you guys are probably sick of hearing about Yasiel Puig, but man this guy’s cards are absolutely crazy right now. Obviously, lack of licensed options are going to factor into it, but I STRONGLY suggest sorting through your 2013 Bowman cards as soon as you can. If you havent already posted them on eBay, now is the time to get moving.

Here are some of the recent ending prices after last night’s grand slam:

2013 Bowman Chrome Yasiel Puig Top Prospect Insert Die Cut /99

2013 Bowman Chrome Yasiel Puig Mini Refractor

2013 Bowman Chrome Yasiel Puig Top Prospect Insert

2012 Leaf Ultimate Draft Yasiel Puig Auto Silver /25

The crazy thing is that this is more similar to the Mike Trout situation from last year than the Harper and Strasburg situation from 2010 and 2011. Back when Strasburg was as hot as Puig is, his cards STARTED higher than ever. Harper was very similar in 2011, only because he was the number 1 pick and had already been on the cover of Sports Illustrated twice.

Even Trout’s experience had its differences, because his cards had already been around all through 2009, 2010 and 2011 before he exploded. There were more of them to go around, so the prices didnt get to the level they are with Puig. They were and are still absolutely astronomical, but the situation may be apples and oranges. Puig only has 2 licensed cards right now, the mini out of 2013 Bowman Chrome, and the top prospect card from the same set. As an exclusive of Leaf until his call up, there is much more demand than supply. That greatly complicates things.

Lets say he goes onto win rookie of the year, and eventually becomes a perennial all star. Will his cards continue to be as valuable as they are now? Its unlikely, and that’s why I never understood why people are buying now, rather than waiting for the off season. Even Trout dropped down to earth after the season ended, and I would expect the same here. His cards will become more available as Topps is already announcing plans to exploit him like a child in a sweatshop, and that is music to many collectors’ ears.


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