These Boxes are Why People Buy Exquisite

I rarely go on youtube to watch box breaks anymore, but I think this is a series of breaks you have to see to believe. User CRPalmi runs a monthly group break that busts case after case of super high end boxes. This includes all years of Exquisite Football, all years of National Treasures, and many times, multiple cases per break. For this break, he broke a case of 2007 Exquisite, a case of 2006 Exquisite, a case of 2008 National Treasures and a case of 2009 Exquisite.

The National Treasures boxes were nothing to write home about, but he did have some great luck out of the 2006 and the 2009 Exquisite cases especially. Check it out.

Although Bush isnt what he used to be, that card was still one of the best cards you can pull out of those boxes. It was a $2500 card upon release, and still may pull quite a bit regardless of Bush’s bust status. As for the Sanchez/Stafford, that will easily pay for the entire break and then some. Just a ridiculous pull.

3 thoughts on “These Boxes are Why People Buy Exquisite

  1. I can’t believe how calm he is when he pulls it. Good thing this wasn’t Melbourne Cowboys doing the break.

  2. I don’t mean to be rude… but I used to buy cards as a kid. I was feeling nostalgic, wanted to a buy a box, and stumbled upon your site. I don’t understand… why do people even buy cards anymore? In that video, the guy breaks open a box, which has a metal box… then two more little boxes, one of which has one card, and one of which has a “pack.” Every single card is an autograph, or a jersey… and then he pulls “the best card he’s ever pulled,” and isn’t even excited. And THEN you say that card, one of one, the best of his life… will pay for the break. So the BEST CARD HE’S EVER SEEN and isn’t even excited about ONLY PAYS FOR WHAT HE OPENED??? This is insane. Card collecting is not about buying thousands of dollars worth of crap that is all foil and jerseys and autographs. It’s about slugging through hundreds of commons to find the ONE rookie… or getting that ONE rare card that you never expected to get. Not this perversion. I really don’t get it. Again, THE BEST CARD HE’S EVER SEEN, and hes a pro, and it ONLY pays for the break. Really weird logic you all have. Anyway, your site is really well-written. Good luck to you.

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