2012 Topps Strata: These Might Be The Coolest Preview Cards In Years

With all of the previews floating around for tired Panini products that belong on the cutting room floor, I was due for a breath of fresh air. Last night, I got these photos in my email, and didnt see them until just now. I think its pretty obvious why I was so excited to see how these turned out, especially considering that we have never really seen anything like it before.

2012 Topps Strata is easily going to be the best new product of the year. I dont think there is any question after seeing the previews, and then seeing the reinforcement here with these ACTUAL cards. Topps’ team has definitely used their brains to come up with something fresh and awesome looking, and that isnt even the start of it. The biggest thing here is the comparison against the other products that are out there, as we speak. Strata is so far above those ideas, that I am not sure if anyone will be able to match it, even Topps themselves with other products.

For a very long time, we have needed a new perspective, dedicated to redefining what is possible in the trading card industry. As of right now, its product after product that are rarely anything new or special. This fact is beyond frustrating, especially with what is consistently being done with some of the bigger and more popular products of the year.

Strata, on the other hand, not only is new, but also special. The addition of cards like the ones I was sent is exactly the type of thing that can make a calendar year for a company. The acetate die cut over the swatch, with hard signed autographs and now inscriptions as well, make it clear that Topps has come to play hard this year. Its funny to think that this isnt even the main course for 2012, its the appetizer, which makes me that much more excited for products like Five Star and Chrome. With new products like Valor also making their debut, this is the perfect year for Topps to make a statement with great design, amazing themes, and incredible vision towards what collectors want.

This is exactly what I have been waiting for, and if the execution on the rest of this product is even close to this one, I doubt there will be anyone in the same zip code when it comes to voting on product of the year.

5 thoughts on “2012 Topps Strata: These Might Be The Coolest Preview Cards In Years

  1. I wish it came out before chrome. It got pushed back almost two months. But seeing how great the cards look who cares. But I hope the case I bought yields a griffin or luck auto. I have a feeling it will be very difficult to pull many 1st rounders

  2. Sorry, I have to completely disagree. The cards look like they are from just another in the long line of rookie-obsessed patch/auto focused junk that passes for football cards these days. If you truly care about football, 2012 Topps Magic, with its simple but elegant design, and a checklist that includes numerous HOFers, will be a much better product.

  3. Well magic has some good looking cards but meh… I agree with mfw bout this product tho

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