This Card Shows That Collectors Still Love Tiger

When 2009-10 Exquisite rolled out, it was less than a few months after the previous year’s release had hit shelves. That didn’t stop Upper Deck from inserting a few of the most ridiculous cards in the history of the brand into the boxes. The biggest of the big hits were the dual autos that featured Tiger Woods with either LeBron James or Michael Jordan, with much of of the print runs featuring great patches from all three players.

The cards were so low numbered that it was expected that they may outsell the EXTREMELY scarce Tiger Woods Exquisite Patch autos from 2008 Exquisite Football. The first of the cards from this run hit eBay a while ago, with LeBron James and Tiger on the card and sold for over $20,000. Now, another one has surfaced, and it is already fetching the price of a car, despite the scandals Woods has faced. Crazy. Sure helps that one of the patches features a logo from Wood’s polo shirt.

I would assume that this will be the last card of its kind ever to be produced, but with Exquisite Football supposedly making a comeback this year after reports of its demise, who knows. Either way, no card will ever be able to touch the star power of Jordan and Woods, and that is exactly why this may be a once in a lifetime situation.

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