This is Getting to be Linsane.

If you are going to drop the kind of coin that these people are dropping on Jeremy Lin, he better have either a ridiculous pedigree or at least more than seven freaking games of amazing results. I could buy some of the most iconic cards of the hobby for less than these, including Michael Jordan RCs, Lebron James RCs, and all sorts of other cards from the best NBA players of all time.

I get that basketball functions on an overseas market with rules that dont apply for normal cards, but this is crazy go nuts.

2010-11 National Treasures Jeremy Lin Auto Jersey /99

2010-11 National Treasures Jeremy Lin Auto Jersey /99 – Example 2

Hell, this card’s picture could not be more awkward and weird, and that alone would make me think twice.

Here is this card for reference – just in case you want to know what true Linsanity looks like.

3 thoughts on “This is Getting to be Linsane.

  1. I think you are under estimating the power of the asian community when they find an athlete they like. It is no surprise that most of the treasures cards listed are already located in Asia.

    The Lebron well still a nice card and better buy was shilled an relisted.


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