Tim Tebow Superfractor Surfaces on Ebay

I just got word that the Tim Tebow superfractor auto has been pulled and is already up on ebay. It has already gotten considerable attention and the price is starting to reflect that. Because this will be one of two Chrome supers for Tebow (the other being the non-auto), I would expect that the price will mirror the lack of available options.

This year’s superfractors are not my favorite incarnations of the cards, and when you also consider how cool the Gold and Black auto refractors have turned out to be, I would much rather go for one of those rather than a super that makes my bank account and wallet beg for mercy. On top of that, the refractor autos, black refractor autos, and gold refractor autos have sold for amazingly good money, so the supers may not be the only cards with value bumps due to lack of comparable cards. Dont get me wrong, if I were offered a player I collect at a good price, I would definitely jump on it, but I wouldnt go out of my way to find all the ones I wanted.

In fact, Tebow isnt the only Super that has been pulled, check out these other big pulls:

Demaryius Thomas Auto RC Superfractor

Joe McKnight Auto RC Superfractor

Armanti Edwards Auto RC Superfractor

Zac Robinson Auto RC Superfractor

John Skelton Superfractor RC Auto

Mark Sanchez Superfractor

Ben Roethlisberger Superfractor

Kevin Kolb Superfractor

5 thoughts on “Tim Tebow Superfractor Surfaces on Ebay

  1. I wouldnt be able to sell that card fast enough! I’d then buy another case & bank the extra money or go on a shopping spree for stuff for my personal collection.

  2. Yeah, doing it like this is definitely the way to go. He easily could have put it up with a mega BIN, but it would have sat there. This way, you get a ton of people who want to bid on it, because Tebow fans are rabid for his cards for some reason.

  3. Does something appear to be missing from that Armanti Edwards auto Rc Superfractor?

  4. I get the feeling tebow may never play a single game of nfl football for the broncos, yet people go ape for his cards. I just don’t get it

  5. Ya Tom! First off, it is just the base auto version. Second, it is just an example of Topps poor quality control on this product. I saw a Suh pulled with no sticker attached.

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