Topps Brings Back Unique Content For Triple Threads

Triple Threads is live, as mentioned in a previous post, and that really isnt the news. For the first time in football, we are getting a new style of card from a program built around content directly tied to the player – outside of just an autograph. For 2012 Triple Threads, Topps has created oversized cards with hand prints and signatures of the top rookies, taking the signature to a level above just marker on a page.

As expected, these cards are expected to bring some enormous prices due to rarity:

2012 Triple Threads Robert Griffin III Hand Print Redemption

2012 Triple Threads Robert Griffin III Hand Print Redemption #2

2012 Triple Threads Ryan Tannehill Hand Print Redemption

Topps previewed the design and look of these cards on their twitter, and I think the cards look incredible. This isnt the first time hand prints have been offered as content across the hobby, but it is the first time in football. Topps offered similar autographs from Cal Ripken Jr in baseball earlier this year, and Upper Deck has offered signed hand prints previously through their store.

Obviously, when the content itself cannot be in the product, its tough to call it “the next big thing.” However, it is a very cool chase item that player collectors will fight against one another to obtain. With the diminishing value of the jersey card to nothing, we have been searching for a replacement for years. This might not be it, but I have to credit Topps for pursuing new ideas to engage collectors in ways outside of the actual wax box. For a long time, I have said that redemptions for larger items is the way to go, and im glad that the packaging of a product is no longer a limitation – but rather a challenge for the manufacturers to accept.

Looking forward to more ideas as we move closer and closer to Five Star.

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  1. Topps has done Fist versions of this in their MMA sets. Love the cards.

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