Topps Chrome Makes Redemptions Worth Your While

I know you are all probably getting sick of news from Topps Chrome, but I think there are a few things worth discussing, especially now with some recent developments. In what might be one of the better ideas of the year, Topps has offered a blue wave redemption pack with each redeemed card from 2012 Topps Chrome. With most of the redemptions being scrubby, save Russell Wilson, it has made the non-pricey cards into box hits that might actually save your break.

Here are some of the ones put up recently, but prices will go up with the Luck announcement. These cards are ALREADY selling above market value, as no scrub usually sells for prices like these:

Russell Wilson Chrome Redemption Auto RC

Mark Barron Chrome Redemption Auto RC

Stephen Hill Chrome Redemption Auto RC

Dre Kirkpatrick Chrome Redemption Auto RC

As if to make it MORE lucrative, autographs of recently signed star rookie Alfred Morris and a special “CHUCKstrong” Andrew Luck card have been added to the pile. Morris has had a breakout year running behind RGIII, and his autographs were never going to be included as a late round pick unlikely to see the field. Topps added his autograph deal late, so his cards were not going to be able to be completed in time for the release. Adding these to the blue wave packs are definitely enough to raise prices.

To add to the allure of this promotion, a commemorative card that features the shaved head of Andrew Luck will definitely be a chase item. Colts coach Chuck Pagano was tragically diagnosed with Leukemia earlier in the season, which led to the whole team agreeing to shave their heads in his honor. Topps took pictures at yesterday’s game and will be adding the variation to the program.

Bottom line, Im surprised it took this long for a company to add a bounty for redemptions. The value added is always welcome, and doing this for collectors who are unlucky enough to pull a redemption in their box, is completely awesome. Kudos to Topps on this idea. Kudos indeed.

Here are the pics:

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  1. I asked the Topps Twitter account if all the Blue wave autos were stickers. They blocked me.

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