Topps Finally Takes Action On The Fake RPAs

Even though Beckett stepped in and took the credit for all the work I have done with this blog and for my watchdog pieces at Tuff Stuff, I think it bears coverage here. Voluntarheel passed this story along to me from those fucking asshats, and I am glad that Clay Luraschi decided enough was, well, kind of enough.

Per their release, Topps will now be foil numbering the Rookie Premiere autos, which should prevent SOME of the counterfeiters from doing their shit-tastic fakes. This is good. Sadly, its too little too late, as they should have just gone in an pulled down all the obvious ones already on eBay. Its not even that hard to tell which arent real, so im not sure why those shit eaters are allowed to continue to sell counterfeit pieces, especially when we now know Topps has knowledge of the situation. Typical bullshit.
I know that its very good that Topps has assured the future should be taken care of, but I think the fact that scammers are getting a free pass for their reprehensible businesses is just as pressing of an issue. Well, we will see how long it takes Topps to get in on that, if they ever do.
Now, since Beckett has the wonderful reputation of taking credit for the work of others, Im not surprised that this happened. I am kind of disappointed that Topps didnt even have the common courtesy to give me the heads up that they were changing this production practice, though the outcome is really all that matters. Thank you for doing this Topps, it makes me very happy, and gives me a LITTLE confidence that you have someone there who knows what they are doing. Of course, this does not give you a free pass on the ones that are up right now, posted on here as recent as fucking YESTERDAY. So get off your asses and do something before you dig yourself right into another hole.

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