Topps Spring Fever Giveaway Generating Some Big Hits

Everyone who knows this blog should be familiar with my Michael Scott tendencies of being a connoisseur of fine giveaway swag. Every time there is a company giveaway at an event, I always take notice, because a lot of them have become worthy of major collector attention. The most recent giveaway is Topps Spring Fever, which is set to commemorate the beginning of the baseball season. So far, the free giveaway packs have generated their fair share of big hits. Even more surprising is how much they are selling for individually.

2013 Topps Spring Fever Josh Hamilton Auto in Angels Uniform

2013 Topps Spring Fever Mike Trout Auto /51

2013 Topps Spring Fever Will Clark Auto 44/44

This type of program is a feature that needs to be considered more frequently. Its a way to get people interested and give them chances to get an autograph or two, just from buying a few packs. It also gives a big reason to visit hobby shops in the area, as many of the giveaways that are most successful take place in the areas that need the most attention.

Its interesting how these giveaway ideas come to fruition, as they are usually fun and interesting ways to get collectors some added value above the packs they buy. Although some of the giveaways from Panini require shops and collectors to purchase many of the large catalogue of horrid products that dont sell, it usually creates a ton of buzz for the collectors that love the allure of a free auto or jersey card.

Even more special, when you can pull one of the huge autos that are available in many of these situations, the cash windfall can be significant. That is where I believe these types of things can actually revitalize the products they are designed to sell. That is definitely a good thing for everyone involved.

My stance, as usual, the more the merrier.

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