Topps Takes Autograph Destruction To A New Level

Topps is notorious for butchering cut autos, absolutely notorious. Despite the fact that I am not really a fan of cut autos to begin with, I understand their place in the hobby – at least in some cases. When you see a card like this one (pulled on youtube), all of that goes right out the window.

Even more disparraging is the fact that Topps has produced one Mantle abomination after another lately, having to revert back to dress shirt relics and old timer game relics due to a lack of supply. I cant think of a more worthless card than one that features a swatch of shirt from a guy’s closet. I don’t need to be THAT close to the game. When you also consider the seat relics from last year’s Topps Tribute debacle and the game used bases they put in the Strasburg cards from this year, how much longer are collectors going to stand for Topps’ deplorable shenanigans?

Personally, I have nothing but contempt over cards like this Mantle cut, especially because of how many other correctly sized Mantle autos they could have used. There was really no need to produce a card like this, and yet someone over in Pennsylvania definitely felt that it was a green light all the way.

Really, Topps?!? Really?!?

9 thoughts on “Topps Takes Autograph Destruction To A New Level

  1. This card bothers me on so many levels. As a Yankee fan, I hate that a Mantle autograph was destroyed just for the sake of being able to get it onto a mini. Why not just have these autographs as redemption items, like you had mentioned about full sized memorabilia pieces? What about an authentic autographed picture of Mickey Mantle would make that less of a chase piece? What a shame that such a legendary piece was wasted like this. God.

    Also, on a personal note, I love Steve at CCP and even though it’s still pretty great that it was pulled there, in some way or another, he has to defend the hell out of Topps for this, and I don’t think that’s a fair burden for anyone, much less a great guy like Steve. Just a personal beef.

  2. I agree with Rich, this should have been a redemption for the complete card. His autographs are disappearing and Topps response is to destroy one to place it in another card. How long until we see this card put in to another Topps card? A card within a card within a card… should we put it past Topps to design a frankenstein of a cut signature mini?

  3. It amazes me how hard the guy is defending the card. In fact he is being a jerk about the whole thing. It is terrible that Topps would do that.

  4. Definitely one for the spoke rims on my daughter’s Barbie Bike.

    However, I will auction off the bike on ebay! LOL

    I would ask for my money back!

    Also, how disgusting to actually make a video of this.

    I would rather pull a “Tortoise and the phuckin Hare” card, or how about one of those Moby DICK cards!

  5. the Mick has made an annoucement from his grave….”Dat aint my signachuh”!

    Now make me a sammich!

  6. What I really enjoy is reading all these comments on why or how could they or how ugly this cut is. Everyone’s a critic and yet they have no clue as to the reason the auto was cut like it was. So much critical speculation and yet no one actually has a clue. Ever think that the Mantle had possibly been smudged so they rescued the rest of the auto and made a unique 1/1 mini cut auto from it? How many mini cut auto’s of him are out there? Would you have rather seen the partial readable auto on a card instead or even thrown away never to be seen again? This not only goes for cut autos but patch’s, swatch’s…. from any product of any person, place or thing. Once a historical item has deteriorated beyond repair what do you do with it? Save any and all parts left. Why do you think your able to get a cut auto of Abe Lincoln, George Washington, etc. ? If you lost all your favorite and important things in a house fire wouldn’t you try to salvage whatever you could? Anytime you are able to save something like this you have rescued a part of history and that’s a good thing. You take what you can get in those situations, there are no choices. With that being said I’m not saying this to “defend” the card I won, just how perspectives on things need to be looked at other than just one. It’s easy to belittle something, but to understand the possibilities of it’s creation, then you’ve rid yourself of those horse blinders that we can easily get used to wearing.

  7. Oh what a crock of shit. You don’t care about rescuing a part of history, you’re making money off of a dead guy. That’s why you immediately put it up on ebay because you care so much for baseball history. And yes, for the record, I’d rather have the full sized photo, that he held in his fucking hands, with his complete signature than this cut up destroyed piece of memorabilia.

    I understand you want to enjoy and revel in the excitement of getting this card but don’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining. We know better.

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