Topps Wows With First Preview of the New Year

Today we got a first look at an upcoming Topps release that looks to be the first 2011 product preview we have gotten. As far as we know, the product looks to be rookie based, and will be titled “Rising Rookies.” I assume this will be released as soon as the draft happens, because it is still within Upper Deck’s brand exclusive to have a college player featured in a college uniform.

First off, the gem of this preview is obviously the Bradford jumbo patch auto. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS CARD, despite its similarity to Unrivaled’s patch autos from this year. I didn’t like that Topps took to bordering the stickers AND the patches, and this card FINALLY got it right with no border on the sticker.

As for the Peterson, I think even it looks pretty damn good, as the card’s look and feel seems to be exactly what we are expecting in terms of a cool auto subset. I am loving the full game shot with the smoky fade, and I think that this will eventually turn out well if the product is structured more like Finest or Platinum and less like Prime or Supreme.

Without further adieu:

2 thoughts on “Topps Wows With First Preview of the New Year

  1. the die cut windows exactly like supreme. This product will do just as well as supreme

    Almost like hybrid between unrivaled and supreme the more i look at it

  2. Good God, somebody does have a brain! Player photos, fade to white… it’s like former UD design team employees mad- wait a minute. Oh, riiiigggghhhhtttt…..

    Get rid of the sticker ‘autos’ and, just maybe, I might start trying to build a set from someone other than UD.

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