Triple Threads Bringing Huge Money Despite Lack of Unique Content

As much as I cannot stand Triple Threads, this year’s set is going nuts with some of the 1/1s and multi signed booklet cards. Even though I believe that the design is the worst its been in years, collectors are jumping all over the big hits from this product, despite the fact that 1/1s are more common in this set than they are in any other set.

Here are where the prices are:

2012 Topps Triple Threads Andrew Luck/Robert Griffin III Dual Auto Patch Booklet 1/1 – I am utterly speechless on this card’s price so far.

2012 Topps Triple Threads Robert Griffin III Printing Plate Logo Patch Auto 1/1

2012 Topps Triple Threads Andrew Luck Printing Plate Auto 1/1

2012 Topps Triple Threads Luck/Griffin/Tannehill/Richardson/Wilson/Martin Six Sig Jersey Auto Book

Here is why I just dont understand how these cards are getting the prices they are.

Each of the top rookie can have 3 or 4 versions of their autographed triple relic auto, with different die cuts spelling out different things. Add in booklets and it can even be 3 or 4 more on top of that. There are 4 printing plate auto 1/1s and an additional couple of true 1/1 non printing plates per card. I mean, Griffin and Luck can each have like 25 to 30 1/1s just by themselves. Yet, for some reason, these cards are still bringing in more money than I have ever seen.

Triple Threads is notorious for the floor dropping out on value once the cards change hands a few times, but that hasnt brought any question for collectors who might drop a rent check or two on these cards. Some of the other, non Luck/RGIII cards have also brought in some record amounts, which is weird considering they are all sticker autographs and really have no unique reason for being expensive.

With more and more products being released in this part of the year, there is further speculation that there will be additional crazy amounts of 1/1s to water down the market even further than it has been in previous years. Topps still has its biggest non-chrome sets of the year to come out, and Panini has yet to release Contenders, and yet people are still buying this stuff like its the last set of the year. Watch out, because these numbers should have some major issues being replicated.

3 thoughts on “Triple Threads Bringing Huge Money Despite Lack of Unique Content

  1. My guess, and this is only a guess, is that collectors love rainbows and having a ton of cards of the same guy from one set. Topps Tek set this principle up years ago and people are still paying a butt load for those cards. If these people buying are player collectors than they dont care about the price of the next sale they just care about getting the card they want. Finally, perhaps the holidays are playing a part. People tend to overspend on things if it’s a gift for someone else.

  2. Just goes to show if you make something shiny enough and put a multi color fake manu swatch in it they will come

  3. I actually like the crazy die cuts that spell out random things in TTT but I agree with you on the ridiculous amount of 1/1’s. It’s not only a problem with this set, but many others. The idea that you can just slap a different color background on a card and call it a 1/1 is pretty insulting to us as consumers but these prices are demonstrating that we’re willing to accept being duped.

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