Triple Threads Has Started Its Yearly Hobby Infection

Every day I go to bed, and I pray that when I wake up, Triple Threads will not be around. At some point, every year, I wake up knowing that the next day I will wake up and it will be littering eBay like dandruff. Today is that day, and I am loathing all stupid posts and message board threads talking about all the “OMG SICKZ MOJOSOSO!!!!11!” that are surely coming from all the Joe Collectors who save all year for their shot at this horrid product.

If you are unfamiliar with how much I hate Triple Threads, all you have to do is search at the top of the page and pull up all of why I feel the way I do. In short, it is the bane of my existence in this hobby, if not only because how many people absolutely live and die with this product. Its is colossal waste of time, money and content, and in my opinion, the cards are some of the worst looking that are released each year. They are worse than anything Panini puts out, even those disgusting floating swatch cards, and it all has to do with the way it is produced.

After seeing the horrors that came out of 2010 Triple Threads baseball, I can only imagine what will be contained in this shit pile. Its almost like Topps want to see how far they can take it each year, as each new set goes further and further towards ridiculousness and farther away from normalcy. Im guessing they will continue until it gets to the point where the collectors get the card out of the pack and cant understand the weird shit that Topps is trying to spell out in the die cut windows.

Triple Threads hit ebay today, and there is already some pretty big hits up. Much to my surprise,the cards look even worse than I expected them to. The design still looks the same as it has for the last five years, but its almost like Topps forgot to add the usual embellishments that make these cards what everyone expects them to be. We already know that they will use every old trick in the book to get people to ignore the horrendous design work, penny sized (or smaller) player pictures, and eye burning neon rainbow foil, but this doesnt even look like they tried.

When you factor in that this steaming pile of donkey turds is the second worst box price in the entire fucking hobby, behind only Bowman Sterling Football, its still a surprise why people get so excited over it.  You pay upwards of 170 dollars a box, and you end up with a bunch of shitty looking cards, one auto and one jersey card. Yes, you are paying all that money and your auto could be Marcus Easley with a Channing Crowder jersey card as dessert. Beyond terrible. Even at 100 dollars a box, this stuff would not be worth the bust, especially when you consider that Topps Chrome delivers the same autograph content in terms of number at less than 60 dollars a box, with much better looking cards.

Speaking of Marcus Easley, its safe to say that this class is one of the weakest offensive rookie groups in the last few years. There are so many guys like Mardy Gilyard, Andre Roberts and the above mentioned Easley to destroy your box break that 170 dollars isnt worth the break if there were MULTIPLE autos, let alone just one. Then to add in that these cards give eyesores a good name, it becomes absolutely puzzling why this is such a popular product.

In the end, this hobby has become oversaturated with people who value size and number of swatches over design, and Topps Triple Threads plays right into that trap. What we are left with is a product that does nothing but show how terrible some cards have become, and that makes me VERY upset with things.

Ill have more as the cards hit eBay in the next few days.

2 thoughts on “Triple Threads Has Started Its Yearly Hobby Infection

  1. I hate the titles “12 panel” or “14 panel” jersey card. Come one really? It’s 3 pieces damn it.
    They are all single color so who even cares. On top of that the description on the back is so ambiguous it’s hard to tell if the jersey was ever worn by anybody ever.
    Some of these cards look sweet for $5 but $300 for a craptastic 1/1? Who is buying that?!?

  2. I can’t understand why people buy this stuff. Just buy the singles you want, it’ll be cheaper in the long run.

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