TTM Successes: I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

I am an autograph hound as I have mentioned a number of times on here, and therefore, I seek out opportunities to add more to my collection. Every year, right after the draft, I send out one group of letters to draft picks with the hope of securing something back. This year, I had a pretty nice group of rookies to send to, and with the help of Chemgod over at Bad Wax, I was able to get some good leads on addresses with the lockout preventing normal sending situations from happening.

Luckily for me, the only one I really wanted to come back, was in my mailbox as I walked in the door yesterday. It turned out amazing, and I am glad I chose the card I did to send.

Check it out:


I absolutely love that Ponder inscribed this card, as it made it that much more awesome for my growing collection. It isnt the first time I have gotten something back from a player, but it is one of the coolest I have received. My other successes have included guys like Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Jared Allen, and Greg Jennings, but only the Kareem had “to Adam” on it. The others went into a box, while the Kareem is displayed proudly. I value the personal touch that much more than just the auto.

Ponder still has just as likely of a shot to be terrible as he does to be great, but at least Ill have a nice addition to my collection either way.

3 thoughts on “TTM Successes: I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

  1. Hey G:
    How do you go about getting your cards signed like that? I am a huge Broncos Fan and would like to test my luck, let me know, hit me up with an e-mail

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