Ultimate Patch Fakes: I Warned You, And Here They Are

The users on FCB have been discussing a lot about the authenticity of the patches from a manufacturer standpoint, and now there are the first evident user created Ultimate patch fakes. Take a look at a few they pointed out, which all are completely scammed by user/fucktard Aruba202.

Magglio Ordonez

Eric Chavez
Jered Weaver

Here are some other GREAT ones from the same douchebag – ALL FAKE. This is why I tell you to check items for sale/completed auctions. He broke every cardinal rule and people still have paid hundreds for his “masterpieces.” He is making a killing and I feel bad for the people who buy from this fucking asshat. Check these out:

Mark Sanchez
Jason Bay
Beanie Wells
Albert Pujols
My favorite – the triple fake

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