Upper Deck Brings The Big Guns With 2010 Exquisite Football

Upper Deck isnt going quietly these days, hoping to connect on a crazy level with the college collectors out there. Although I am a huge fan of most of the stuff Upper Deck has done over the last few years, I have found myself unable to buy into products that dont feature my favorite players in their NFL jerseys. After seeing a few of the cards that UD has posted from this year’s shot at Exquisite, I may have to consider it.

First off, I think it takes major balls to try to put out a product like Exquisite without a license attached to it. College jerseys only go so far with a niche audience, and the rest has to come from the Exquisite collectors out there. Im not sure how this product will resonate with those people if it isnt done the way it has been done in the past, but from the initial peeks we are getting, it at least has some great looking design work. Now, the question becomes, can Upper Deck execute where they have struggled this year. SPA had some great looking cards, but it also had some incredible duds. Exquisite’s Rookie Patches look to be on the normal design pedestal that they are usually on, but outside of those box hits, where will the rest of the product fall?

I think that the best thing Exquisite has going for it will be the limited production run, as I dont think people understand how few boxes will be produced. I sincerely hope it turns out well, as I think that putting out quality products is the first step towards a licensed future. Lets just hope we get more cards like the RAPs, and less cards like the Elway.

14 thoughts on “Upper Deck Brings The Big Guns With 2010 Exquisite Football

  1. Some gorgeous cards. That Elway does look like it came out of Artifacts or Pieces of History, but the rest are pretty solid. The Aikman is really beautiful. Love the color scheme. Will certainly be interesting, as you said, to see who lays the scratch down for the college unis. Without 5-Star in the mix I think this hits a homerun. Let’s see how it holds up against competition.

  2. did they already release the prices on the hobby boxes? otherwise very nice cards.

  3. Anyone besides me notice that the Earl Campbell is a piece of Oilers jersey?

  4. Its been that way all year, UD didnt have time after the loss of the license to secure enough college jerseys.

  5. That just goes to show how little I care about college based stuff. To me, it’s nothing but fancy shmancy Press Pass without NFL logo on it.

    (although I will be a hypocrite and say that I want that quad RB auto – MOJO!!! lol)

  6. Yeah I figured out they used NFL Jersey pieces with College pictures when they released Sweet Spot. The Peyton Manning jersey card was blue yet he played for Tennessee, not hard to figure out this was a Colts jersey piece. I don’t get why UD is being so cheap with their jersey pieces. Sweet Spot had Zero Patches and no Parallels and SP Authentic has the smallest swatches ever. Exquisite looks to have nice patches, but it should being a premium product. I just can’t see that many people buying a college product at this price. Also they might as well call it 2011, because this is way too late. 2011 Draft products are coming out almost any day now!

  7. From what people have been saying around the net, College jerseys have smaller yields in swatches, and UD had some issues as a result. Hence, the smaller patch sizes. I dont see why its as big of a deal with Event Used swatches anyways.

  8. I think we should start a Twitter fight with UD over it…

  9. I hope UD gets thier License back, I dont understand how Panini can have a NFL license product and produce crapping sets i.e National Treasures and then Upper Deck loses it’s license and can still make awesome looking cards..

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