Welcome 2012’s TRUE Rookie of the Year: The StrataBox

I rarely have situations these days where I am literally speechless by a product or set that has been released. There just isnt much out there that is amazing enough to illicit a reaction of shock and awe. Today, with Topps’ previews of the StrataBox cards from 2012 Topps Strata, I think that they have one of the biggest wins this year, maybe in the last 5 years.

Here is a Shadowbox Auto from Upper Deck’s SPX product from 2009.

Here is version 2.0 from 2012 Exquisite.

Here is a STRATAbox card from 2012 Topps Strata:

Strata has slowly been creeping onto eBay through retail outlets, and on just about every example, the cards have lived up to and exceeded the hype that Topps built over the last few months. The cards are just ridiculously awesome. This morning, we got the first peek at the Shadowbox style cards from the set, for which I cannot put my excitement into words. They are that cool. They look to have three layers – the first being the autograph acetate layer, the second being the background player picture, and the third being a relic layer. It creates a visual trick that is easily unique.

These, combined with the Clear Cut autograph relic cards should make this product legendary:

2012 Topps Strata Robert Griffin III Clear Cut Auto Patch

2012 Topps Strata Russell Wilson Clear Cut Auto Patch

2012 Topps Strata Jarius Wright Clear Cut Auto Jersey

2012 Topps Strata Isaiah Pead Clear Cut Auto Jersey

Upper Deck created this medium, and I think that even Topps would admit that. On the other hand, Topps has perfected this medium, and I sincerely hope there are plans for a veteran checklist to eventually be created. That is where Upper Deck still has the advantage.

I am convinced that 2012 Strata is clearly the rookie of the year for this ridiculous draft class, and should be considered for a more high end release next year. Not only that, but the StrataBox should become the tent pole that Topps builds into more of its products. Its just too cool to restrict to one set.

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